Popcorn, the Weimaraner longhaired puppy

How is my puppy Popcorn doing?


Some of you guys have been asking me lately how my Weimaraner puppy Popcorn is doing. It makes me so happy to hear you guys are interested in what’s going on in my life besides outfits and new skincare. Back in the days I’ve started my blog, I could have…

Popcorn the Weimaraner long-haired

Meet Popcorn


It’s time to meet our precious little Weimaraner long-haired puppy, Popcorn. She’s 8 weeks old right now and we took her home yesterday. She’s enjoying herself very, very well, as you can see. For those of you interested, she’s a long-haired Weimaraner, a Weim with a silky coat and an…

Omoda Loft Amsterdam

Omoda Loft: bathing in shoes


Although it’s already quite some time ago, I still wanted to show you these two pictures of my visit to the Omoda Loft the other day. The Omoda Loft? (I hear you thinking) Well, to celebrate their new summer collection, shoe retailer Omoda completely furnished a loft on the Vierwindenstraat in…

the super glamorous life of a fashion blogger ;)

The glamorous life of a fashion blogger


If I could only add one emoji to this post it’d definitely be the winky face. Plus the #lol as an extra. ‘The glamorous life of a fashion blogger ; ) #lol’. Lately however, I have been struggling with what I want to share on here and what not. Especially on…

Jane Kønig Love Letter necklace

Win: a Jane Kønig Love Letter necklace


Yes, you did read this post title right. You can win a beautiful Jane Kønig Love Letter necklace on the blog. Time flies and before you know it, it’s Mothers Day. A day where we take the time to honour the mother figures, that has blessed our lives. The mothers…


Event: #FindYourAussome


Life is aussome! A helicopter flight wasn’t something I’ve ever expected to do for the blog. Yet this came true when I was one of the lucky attendants of Aussie’s ‘Find your Aussome’ event last month. Without even having the slightest clue of what we were going to do that…

Love Tag necklace Jane Konig

Win: a Love Tag necklace


So what’s the exciting news for today, guys? Well, I teamed up with Jane Kønig again to give away another customized Love Tag necklace to one of my readers! A Love Tag is the perfect gift to any loved one, whether it’s your mom, your sister, your boyfriend, your girlfriend or just yourself…

Asian Instagram table wear

Life update: Life’s getting serious


Hello there, hope you’ve all had a wonderful weekend and are ready to rock a fresh week. I’m all packed and ready to go back to Arnhem again. As I was now spending a full week in with my boyfriend in Leiden again, I guess things are getting serious. Don’t…

multi colored eye

Photography: Take a look at this..


I ♡ you As Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, I wanted to show you what I’m planning on giving to my lover this year. And please don’t judge me or my love for him when you’ve found out how easy this was to create, okay?! 😉 Recently I…

Grote Markt by night

48 hours in Brussels


Beautiful Brussels. Two weeks ago I was invited by Accor Hotels to experience the Sofitel Brussels Le Louise in the city centre of Brussels obviously. Of course, who can’t say no to that? It was the perfect occasion to spend some quality time with my sister and to explore the heart of…

Sylvie Sport Hunkemöller

Sylvie Sport for Hunkemöller


It’s time to kick-start this new week and New Year with some fun and fitness on the blog! Hunkemöller is launching a new sports collection called Sylvie Sport and they’ve asked me to try it out. Without any doubt I said YES! I mean, just look at it… It’s such a colorful…

House of Eléonore

House of Eléonore


Hi wonders! Today I am SUPER excited to share one of my first big projects of 2016 with you, in which I’m wearing the gorgeous jewelry of House of Eléonore. You might have read about House of Eléonore on FAB le Frique before. It’s a luxury brand that creates exquisite sustainable diamond…

Yespers fruitspread

Food: Yespers spreads


As you might know, I eat plant based. Call me a plant foodie, a vegan, whatever you like. I don’t really  label myself, I just like to eat animal-friendly, sustainable and healthy. This is what makes my soul shine. If you eat anything like me and you like to have…

Kiehl's skin care products



Hello dearest readers! If you haven’t noticed, I’ve been on the skin care kick over the past several weeks. I purchased quite a few new all-natural and semi-natural, high quality skin care stuffies and I’m happy I took the time – plus the money – to do so! I discovered my hands…

customized gifts

GIFT GUIDE issue no. 3 + Surprise


Customized gifts. The devil is in the details. Especially when it comes to gifting in my opinion. I cherry-picked some pieces that’ll bring your gifting skills to the next level this Christmas. If you’re looking for something that is just that more special and super unique, the answer is a right…

pieces ambassador fashion blogger

Århus with Pieces


Have you ever been to Denmark? As you might have noticed while following me around on Instagram or Snapchat, I went to Århus the day before yesterday. Aarhus or Århus is the second-largest city in Denmark. It’s located on the east coast of the Jutland peninsula, in the geographical centre of Denmark, 187 kilometres…

featured image

GIFT GUIDE issue no. 2


Only 20 days to go! Some of you might be out there getting all of your Christmas shopping done already – get it! I’m not like that however, so it’s time to get into the holiday spirit again today. Here’s a low budget shopping guide for you, categorised in men,…

Jane Kønig love tag gold

In love


Do you believe in love at first sight? I do. My current relationship was a love at first sight for me. Still remember that one evening I met my boyfriend for the first time. It was on the streets in The Hague near his (old) house, about 1,5 years ago….

the christmas gift guide

GIFT GUIDE issue no. 1


It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. With about 4 weeks to go before Christmas, it is time to get into the festive spirit and what better way to build up your excitement with a holiday gift guide on the blog. This first one is dedicated the money-making Santa Claus…


LolaLiza Utrecht


Fashion, friends and fun. Somewhere between two to three weeks ago, I was invited by LolaLiza to come and join the official opening of their one and only Dutch flagship store in the beautiful city heart of Utrecht. Of course I had to say YES: Utrecht, fashion, friends and fun; sounds like…

Marington tas

New in


Meet the latest addition to my closet. A really unique black shaped bag from a new discovered online store (go check it out if you’re a bag lover). Call me superficial, but this perfect black baby made me such a happy girl. Definitely my no. 1 favorite piece as we speak….

Lief festival CB12

Caught on camera


Hello cuties!  Remember I went to Lief Festival in Utrecht with Tess and Claire the other day? 🙂 I bet you do! If not, read my report on this day here. The festival experience was hosted by CB12. For all of you who missed out on my Snapchat during that day, here’s an impression…

Dare to be different quote

Customized shizzle


If you’re anything like me .. .. you probably have different cell phone cases laying around the house for different occasions and outfits. A colorful pink one for example to take me through those days when I feel girly and playful, a plain black one when I just don’t want…

Jewelry fall trends

Fall jewelry


I’ve been looking for fall jewelry lately. And I may finally have struck gold with this display of seasonal pieces. It’s just a helpful place to find an unbiased selection featuring all of the trendiest items for the coming fall, pulled from various stores and designers across the web. Budget…