Rush, uh, relax


Good afternoon world! I was in a ter-ri-ble rush today. When in a rush, I always like to take a minute or two to practise some yoga  or do a short meditation session. Both really help me to moderate my stress levels and recharge batteries. It’s not too often however that…

SYOU shoes sneakers

Coffee cherries allover


Meet my new shoes. Super comfortable and just too cute really. They are from this brand called SYOU, have you heard of it? SYOU, pronounced ‘shoe’, stands for iSEEYOU. This represents the fact that they see talent all over the world. Thus, SYOU collaborates with local creative talents, suppliers and manufacturers…

seventies style fashion blogger

Back to the 70s


70s. When incorporating eye-catching, throw-back items into a look, I always limit myself to one or two pieces per outfit. Take a look at today’s  knitted zig zag trousers and the fringed faux suede duffle bag. Two pretty eye-catching seventies style inspired items. Perfect to temper down with a crisp button-up…

red mini bag

Red mini bag


Excitement. I am super excited to finally share one of my favorite looks in a long-long time. It’s not just the look itself, but also the brilliant job the person behind the camera did. Today’s pictures are shot by Annick Meijer. Annick is an amazingly gifted photographer. Before she contacted me, I already…

Lace up shirt



Coming up, coming up.  Hi everyone, hope you’ve all had a productive, yet joyful Tuesday and are about to catch some sweet dreams tonight. Before you’re hitting the hay, take a look at this preview of tomorrow’s look on the blog. I bet you are super excited to see what’s coming!? Sleep…

All fancy - Scheepvaartmuseum

Looking all fancy


.. and romancy. Well hello! This was me during the official launch of the House of Eléonore jewelry label last week. You might have read about House of Eléonore on FAB le Frique before. It’s a luxury brand that creates exquisite sustainable diamond jewels. This label is supported by Royal Asscher, a leading…


The coatigan


Coat + cardigan = coatigan. As fall is really here a long coatigan is great to keep on trend and warm. Simply add a pair of trousers, I went for some faux leather ones, my favorite monk shoes and a simple black crop top. Done. Do you already have a coatigan? Happy…


Grey day


White on a grey day. It’s not too often that you see me wearing white trousers twice in a week during any other season than summer, but yeah it suddenly happened. I can’t really get over the fact that summer is truly over. It is so sad to let summer go, don’t…

soft shades



Hurray! It’s Wednesday! By the end of today we’re officially half way there; weekend, I’m smelling you! What’s up with the weather by the way? Terribly gloomy.    I’m.   Definitely.   Not.   Liking.   It.    Holland, I’m leaving! Hurray again! Wearing: Oversized sweater – Storm & Marie (old collection) Faux…

striped shirt trend

Striped shirt


Whatever season, whatever trend… Stripes are always a good idea! Today’s striped shirt is from Boohoo, I hope it’s still available guys – I’ll check and if not, I’ll make sure to have an alternative listed below. I’ve teamed it with a white high waisted pair of jeans and my good-old…

trends 2015

Update time!


Picture overload! A brand new week is here. Hope you’ve all had a great weekend guys. I took a little mini-holiday from blogging, focussing on some offline necessities and great new content for FAB le Frique. But before telling and showing you more on that, I still need to update you guys on something else: the…

yellow crochet dress

Crochet dress


Fall. Although I’m really excited to wear wool skirts, big chunky knits, and all-black and nude looks, I’m not really looking forward to the wall-to-wall grey days coming up. Those typical Autumn days. They’re just not for me. Guess you’re on the same page. However, as we are slowly transitioning to fall…

latest denim fashion trend

Mad about denim


Subtle. For those of you who’ve been paying attention since the start of my blog and are familiar with my style, know I’m much into subtle sexiness. I think today’s simple but interesting look shows you exactly what I mean. No open backs, no see-through parts, no flashing cleavage, just a front split…

yellow bag

White and..


The bomb. Yup I’m wearing these Tailor & Elbaz shorts again. I kind of lived in them this summer. They are just so comfy and fly. Whether you team them with a crop top, a preppy shirt or a boxy sweater, you’ll look gorgeous anyway cause these shorts are gorgeous. Even more…

grey and black outfit

Easy going


Hello people.  How are you today? Have you enjoyed the weekend? I’ve spend mine in Leiden on our humble roof terrace. Nothing too bad really. So well, as for today.. in terms of le look.. I guess it’s a very casual one this time. I was wearing this combo last Friday – thanks again mommy…

luxury swim wear V i X

Bathing suit


Thinking back of Italy. My time in Italy seems to be so long ago. Actually it is, I mean, a month has passed already. A month. That’s like over 30 days. I miss Italy. Need to be back soon. Anyway, right after I returned home – which is about a month ago #lol…

Summer where are thou?

Summer, where are thou?


Oh well. I’m finding myself at a loss for words this morning, but not because I don’t know what to say. It’s more that I don’t know what else to say. Summer. I miss you. Will you please come back soon? Loving the tapered fit of these trousers btw, cut loosely…

mi moneda necklace

Floral Friday


Happy Friday! Damn, it’s Friday already. This week went by so fast. So much has happened, exciting meetings, new collaborations coming up and lots of other exciting things for FAB le Frique. I’m full of joy, inspiration, and ideas, and I could easily work this weekend without complaining.. butttt I’m absolutely not going…

SAIL Amsterdam - striped sweater

A striped story


Hello honey bees.  As mentioned already yesterday, my love for stripes continues. It’s just so easy to throw over your favorite striped tee or sweater and leave the house. Isn’t it? Seems to be too easy to be stylish, right? 😉 I think I will totally rock another striped outfit next week,…

leather look biker jacket

Leather look biker jacket


I’m back!  Sorry for my vanishing this weekend, I had a bunch of much much needed days offline. Away from the internet, my phone – okay, except for my updates on Instagram – and pretty much everything digital. I spent my weekend relaxing in the park, enjoying myself with some…

interior fashion blogger

Matchy matchy


Hi everyone! As you can see, I’m wrapped up in this matchy matchy white metallic ensemble today. It’s all from Storm & Marie, a fashion brand established in Copenhagen in 2010. Storm signifies the energetic, rebellious and untamed while Marie is the delicate, chic and elegant. Lately I’m more into Scandinavian fashion than…

sequins top

Yellow sequins, black faux leather


A rainy day It seems to be a rainy day today. A rainy day is typically associated with a lack of ambition, creativity and motivation, even though it really just means sunshine is on its way guys. If you’re feeling a little low on this rainy day, then I’m sure my sequins overload…

black and white flatforms shinnied

You can’t go wrong


I have a confession to make. I don’t dress up every day. Yup. I don’t. If you follow me around on Snapchat (username: fablefrique) you’ve might already noticed that.  But yeah, just keeping it real on here too. I would call those looks my cheat-outfits or non-outfits and for me,…

black cage dress

Black cage dress


Day ↔ night. Take a look at this black dress. It’s not just another little black dress. This one features a pretty unique cage design, you see? Isn’t that interesting? I thought it was (!) … and moved it over to my shopping cart straight away. #lalala Happy I did, cause it…