over the knee boots

Over knee boots


How to wear over knee boots I’m pretty sure you’ve seen lots of over knee boots passing by on many fashion blogs lately. They are a big trend this year. You might have already spotted some over knees on my blog too. Wear them with an evening dress, a pair…

black turtleneck dress

Black turtleneck dress


All black.  Sometimes I’m wondering if I’m getting too predictable. I guess I stay true to my style however. I didn’t had the chance to post this look on the blog any earlier, but here it is. An all black look with golden accessories. I’ve been absolutely loving this knitted…

shearling coat

Shearling coat


Hello December! Hello Holiday gatherings and hello tables full of family and food! Are you excited? I’m planning on having an early Christmas lunch with my father, his girlfriend – yes, my father has a girlfriend at the age of 65, I’m so happy to see him happily in love…

black friday discounts

Black Friday weekend discounts!


 Just another Friday? Uh well.. Are you sure? It’s not just another Friday for us shopping geeks. It’s the one and only Black Friday of the year today. And although Black Friday isn’t really ‘a thing‘ here in Europe, I do see it is gaining popularity amongst us Dutch people….

casual camel homewear

Organic camel home wear


Covered in camel home wear. Intense grey mornings, wind, rain, all the downsides of this season almost completely washed away when you find yourself wearing a perfect camel tee made from organic cotton instead of conventional cotton. I got this top from the lovely Cora, the founder of Rêve En Vert, a…

little black dress

Little black retro dress


We’re getting close! Since the end of 2015 is coming closer and closer and we’re already looking forward to the festive season, I’m showing you one of those holiday must-haves today. You’ve guessed it, it’s the little black dress, a retro 40s inspired version of it actually. This one is…

black and khaki

Black & Khaki


Happy Friday! This week flew by like WHOOOOOOZZZ! Can’t believe the weekend is already almost here. Not that I’m complaining, na na just saying. I was planning on sharing this look with you guys yesterday, but I didn’t manage editing all pictures. I was kind of busy with a secret project…

perfect black pump

On point


Hello there! Meet my new shoes. I would say these pointed heels are the perfect example of what they call a true shoe-evergreen. So classy and sophisticated. Oh yeah, definitely teaming these with a shitload of ripped denim items soon. Stay tuned for a first full look with these babies. Mine are from…

ear cuff

Black lace dress


Happy mid-week, we’re halfway there. Are you looking forward to this weekend? Now we’re halfway there, we can start thinking about the weekend, right? You’ve been seeing a little lace popping by yesterday and I’ve promised you to bring in more pixels soon. Which is now. I guess I’m the…

black lace dress

A little lace


Never hurt nobody. As we speak, I’ve been wearing this pretty black lace dress about three times and I have to admit, it’s definitely an eye-catchy piece but I love it. Stay tuned for more! Have a happy Tuesday for now. Big kiss to you, Fre Photography: Annick Meijer Photography – Location: Schelpenkade,…

poncho trend

This season’s trends


Getting all cosy for fall. As you may know I’m a proud Brand Ambassador for both Scandinavian brands Pieces and VILA. This means I get to wear loads of beautiful items from both brands. For today’s outfit I chose to team a poncho from Pieces together with a skinny jeans…

suede jacket

Oh, that faux suede jacket


How to wear the suede jacket?  Well, you better start off with a high-quality suede jacket. If you’re like me, preferably a faux suede one. This one from VILA is an excellent choice. The fit is slightly oversized, but still very feminine looking and incredibly easy to pull off really. The thin…

denim culottes

Denim culottes


My typical everyday outfit. Well hello honey bees! Are you ready to rock a new week? I am! For tonight I wanted to share with you one of my typical everyday outfits as of lately. A black sweater – this one is a gorgeous mesh one from the Pieces x Chloé…

denim culottes

Is it Friday afternoon yet?


Is it? Oh yes it is! I’m very happy that the weekend is almost here. I definitely need some free time organise myself, spend some quality time with my boyfriend and put my schedule for the next week in order. Before I start rambling for minutes and totally go off…


Rush, uh, relax


Good afternoon world! I was in a ter-ri-ble rush today. When in a rush, I always like to take a minute or two to practise some yoga  or do a short meditation session. Both really help me to moderate my stress levels and recharge batteries. It’s not too often however that…

SYOU shoes sneakers

Coffee cherries allover


Meet my new shoes. Super comfortable and just too cute really. They are from this brand called SYOU, have you heard of it? SYOU, pronounced ‘shoe’, stands for iSEEYOU. This represents the fact that they see talent all over the world. Thus, SYOU collaborates with local creative talents, suppliers and manufacturers…

seventies style fashion blogger

Back to the 70s


70s. When incorporating eye-catching, throw-back items into a look, I always limit myself to one or two pieces per outfit. Take a look at today’s  knitted zig zag trousers and the fringed faux suede duffle bag. Two pretty eye-catching seventies style inspired items. Perfect to temper down with a crisp button-up…

red mini bag

Red mini bag


Excitement. I am super excited to finally share one of my favorite looks in a long-long time. It’s not just the look itself, but also the brilliant job the person behind the camera did. Today’s pictures are shot by Annick Meijer. Annick is an amazingly gifted photographer. Before she contacted me, I already…

Lace up shirt



Coming up, coming up.  Hi everyone, hope you’ve all had a productive, yet joyful Tuesday and are about to catch some sweet dreams tonight. Before you’re hitting the hay, take a look at this preview of tomorrow’s look on the blog. I bet you are super excited to see what’s coming!? Sleep…

All fancy - Scheepvaartmuseum

Looking all fancy


.. and romancy. Well hello! This was me during the official launch of the House of Eléonore jewelry label last week. You might have read about House of Eléonore on FAB le Frique before. It’s a luxury brand that creates exquisite sustainable diamond jewels. This label is supported by Royal Asscher, a leading…


The coatigan


Coat + cardigan = coatigan. As fall is really here a long coatigan is great to keep on trend and warm. Simply add a pair of trousers, I went for some faux leather ones, my favorite monk shoes and a simple black crop top. Done. Do you already have a coatigan? Happy…


Grey day


White on a grey day. It’s not too often that you see me wearing white trousers twice in a week during any other season than summer, but yeah it suddenly happened. I can’t really get over the fact that summer is truly over. It is so sad to let summer go, don’t…

soft shades



Hurray! It’s Wednesday! By the end of today we’re officially half way there; weekend, I’m smelling you! What’s up with the weather by the way? Terribly gloomy.    I’m.   Definitely.   Not.   Liking.   It.    Holland, I’m leaving! Hurray again! Wearing: Oversized sweater – Storm & Marie (old collection) Faux…

striped shirt trend

Striped shirt


Whatever season, whatever trend… Stripes are always a good idea! Today’s striped shirt is from Boohoo, I hope it’s still available guys – I’ll check and if not, I’ll make sure to have an alternative listed below. I’ve teamed it with a white high waisted pair of jeans and my good-old…