check into ss18

Check into SS18


Without a doubt I’m a sucker for all things vintage. But don’t get me wrong, I mean clothing-wise; I’m a sucker for vintage clothing. Swearing off modern technology as Mallory did in ‘Going Vintage’ (great book!), goes a little too far (I’m on social media, that’s my excuse..). As thinking of…

My eating disorder story

Real talk: uh what, you’ve had anorexia for over 15 years?


‘Frederique, I’ve just read in your bio you’ve had anorexia, like seriously?!’ ‘Freddy, could you tell us more on your experiences with overcoming anorexia?’ ‘Frederique, where can I read your full ED story?’ ‘Hi! When did your anorexia started?’ ‘Which treatment helped you overcome your eating disorder?’ Hi Freddy! I was wondering, does…

fall knitwear

No fall without knits


Fall knitwear. To me, there’s no fall without knits. Every year they’re there, in different shapes, colors. This fall I’m seeing a lot of really chunky knits and oversized knitted dresses. And don’t we just all agree that there’s nothing more comfortable than wearing a warm knitted sweater or dress on…

double breasted coat Esprit

Double breasted coat


Hej cuties! Hope you’re having a great week so far! If I could only wear one item this Fall, it would obviously be the coat. Not only because it’ll keep me most warm, but mostly because it’s all about the coat this Fall and Winter. Of course the fluffy, teddy and…

Mustard yellow fall outfits

Mustard yellow fall outfits


Hej you fellow enjoyers of life! As I’m celebrating the Indian summer here in The Netherlands, I decided to share another look with you. Two looks actually, but both within the same color scheme: mustard yellow. Some of you guys might know that I absolutely adore the color yellow in…

H&M floral printed dress

Flower power


Hello loved ones! If you haven’t noticed it from my social media yet, I’m totally embracing the flower print at the moment. I honestly haven’t been a lover of prints for the longest time. I don’t know why, I just felt so much more comfortable wearing one-colored tops and bottoms….

acne drug research

Real talk: life struggles


Hello you lovelies! 🙂 Hope you’re doing well today. Personally, I haven’t been feeling my best the last couple of days and instead of making this last, I wanted to do something about it. Together with you. With this new item on my blog, a weekly ‘real talk‘ about life issues. Aiming…

Nike Air Zoom Mariah

Meet my new kicks: Nike Air Zoom Mariah


Hello cuties! How has your week been so far? 🙂 If you’re following me for a while already, you might know that my relationship with sneakers hasn’t always been that good. For the longest time, especially during my law career, I didn’t own any cool sneakers besides my worn out…

Red dress Loavies

Little red summer dress


Hej cuties! How have you been? This morning I stumbled upon these images that I haven’t shared with you yet. I’m wearing this cute little red summer dress I was gifted by Loavies. You might know that I love wearing red, I think it suits my personality and skin tone…

Sisley Black Rose skincare

Review: Sisley Black Rose skincare


Busy days at work, a lack of sleep and a trillion other stress factors in our daily lives take a toll on many of us. Including myself. To me personally, this results in fatigue in both my body as well as the appearance of my skin. A dull or a…