Review: best moisturizers under 40 euros

best moisturizers under 40 euros

What are the best moisturizers under 40 euros? Well, even though I’m by no means a beauty guru, I do have a long experience with both not investing as well as investing in moisturizers. As I told you earlier on, I’m a happy user of microdermabrasion. It’s incredibly important to get rid of dead skin and thus to avoid any clogging of them pores. Once you’re done with your exfoliation, it’s time to get in with something moisturizing. When I grew older – I’m 27 y/o as we speak – I do find it even more important to keeping my skin all nice and moist, since the right levels of non-oily moisturizer can certainly improve the appearance of any fine lines and improve the rejuvenation of your skin. Of course genetics and lifestyle play a huge role in your skin’s appearance, but over the years I’ve noticed exfoliating and moisturizing is definitely key to having healthy looking, glowy skin too. It’s 1 + 1. As a blogger, you do get to try lots of cosmetics and of course only the products I honestly like wonders will be shown on the blog or my Instagram. It can be a difficult task, trying out all these products. But in the end, it’s worth it, knowing what works best for your skin. As for today, I’ve selected 5 of my favorite moisturizers, many oil-free gels – cause that works best for my skin personally – but I also have some creamer ones I like. Creamer ones are excellent when your skin is a little dry, which can appear in summer too f.i. after sun exposure. For my, mainly three characteristics are really important when looking for a good moisturizer. It must be effective, get absorbed by my skin rather quickly and must not be too pricey for what you get.

1. So let’s start off with the first one. You might know this one already since I’ve written about this little fellow already SO many times really – sorry, not sorry – and it’s the Embryolisse Creme Hydratante à l’Orange. Why am I such a fan? Well, I have a combination oily/dry skin and I’ve always have had troubles finding a moisturizer that leaves my face hydrated, yet not greasy. This fellow is honestly one of the best hydrating products I’ve ever tried – except for drinking water which I always do – and I just love to have that hyper-moisturized, non-oily face Embyolisse gives me. I mean trust me, even with oily and acne prone skin this product works wonders.

2. Secondly I present to you Aveda’s Daily Life Guard. As you might know, Aveda is all about natural ingredients and nothing changes this time. This product is a combination of a mineral sun protection, with some other natural ingredients, which makes it absolute excellent to absorb by your skin. I love it because it provides me a lot of moisture without being slick, shiny or greasy. Plus, it sun guards my skin as well (SPF 30), which is absolutely great for sensitive skin and for those months you’re meeting miss sunshine more often. Me likey!

3. The title of this post might be a bit too narrow, since I have another favorite here to share which is not considered to be a moisturizer I guess. It’s the renewed version of Estée Lauder’s famous Advanced Night Repair Serum. Oops, you just read that right, it’s a serum. More specific it’s a repair serum to fight visible signs of aging for a radiant, youthful-looking complexion. To me it’s THE solution for a dull face, cause every time I’ve applied this product before going to bed, I honestly wake up with a smoother, more luminous and tighter feeling skin. It just makes my face look ten times more healthier, even if I had a rough night or a wine or two the night before.

4. So we’re already at the fourth moisturizer, which is the Clinique Moisture Surge Extended First Relief. Well, the name says it all already, since this product is definitely here to fill up your skin with moisture. When it comes to Clinique I’ve always been a huge fan of the blue moisturizing tubes, what are they called, well let me look it up for you guys! Aaahh, they’re called the ‘Anti-Blemish Solutions’ products. I have to say, as I teenager I was hooked to this line, but once getting closer to those early 30s, I’m looking for more skin-perfecting and skin-improving products. This moisture surge is like a silk blanket for your face, feeling absolutely non-greasy – even for mixed skin types like me! – and it’s just the perfect hydration and quench for dull skin really. It’s kind of like it fills in those fine lines around my mouth and on my  forehead. Give this product a try, ladies!

5. Last but not least is a product I’ve quite recently discovered: the Rituals Beautifying Day Cream. This baby is actually a BB-cream – oops, another fail here! – and gives you a great hydration, a lovely neutral skin tone and a slight protection against sun damage (15 SPF). I love this product because it absorbs really well thanks to the squalane in it and it doesn’t clog my pores at all. It’s really light for a BB-cream – thus perfect for me! – and it doesn’t feel like it just sits on your face all day. Love it!






So tell me, what’s your favorite moisturizer?

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