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ImPerfect Esprit

As I’m back from The City of Lights and Popcorn is dying to have some of mommy’s attention [literally putting her paws on my keyboard all the time], I still have lots of Parisian posts to share with you. First off, is this outfit from Esprit, which I wore on my second day of Paris Fashion Week. As some of you might know, I’m a proud ambassador of Esprit and am loving their #ImPerfect campaign. 💥 The #ImPerfect campaign promotes taking all of our big and small imperfections that we focus on negatively, and instead use those imperfections to stand out and be memorable. The key message is to freely be YOU and have fun with everything you have and don’t focus on it being ‘not perfect’. For instance, if you’re not a good dancer, don’t worry! Just be comfortable and confident with how you dance, because your imperfect dance moves are what make you oh-so pretty and perfect. Isn’t that a cool motto? I love it! I got this berry ensemble I’m wearing today from Esprit’s fall collection and I fell in love with the delicacy of the colors and fabrics. To be honest, the top has a more pinkish berry color to it, but hej, I’m rocking the combination with the slightly darker red skirt anyway. Plus: those imperfections make it absolutely perfect to me! What do you think?

let me know!

Wearing: lace top – Esprit, jacquard pencil skirt – Esprit (get it here), ankle boots – ASOS, bag – Stella McCartney. And oh, if you like the print of this pencil skirt, you might as well check out this Esprit dress as well.

Esprit outfit

#ImPerfect by Esprit fall 2016


xoxo Frederique

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