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Each year I’m looking forward to the global fashion weeks. It’s the time of year when all eyes are on fashion, spotting the newest trends, I love it! My favorite part of fashion week is the whole vibe of it. People are so happy and busy in a good way. All celebrating fashion and creativity. I go quite well on that vibe myself too. This fashion week season it all started in my home country, at Mercedez Benz Fashion Week in Amsterdam. Honestly I was more excited than ever before, as I was asked to be one of the official MBFWA ambassadors this year. It all started last Thursday, the 26th of January. As I was still recovering from the flu that day, I couldn’t make it to the opening event. But luckily there was the live stream I could watch from home. And what a great kick off of promising designers Diek Pothoven en Luuk Kuijf (a.k.a. MARTAN) it was! What an inspiring and innovative eye on fashion these two have, really impressive. That weekend, on Saturday 28th, I was able to experience the fashion madness in ‘De Gashouder’ myself. I attended a handful of shows, including ALA BLANKA (definitely my favorite of this edition!) and Spijkers & Spijkers. So much outfit goals going on in all these shows. Take a look below for some snaps of what I was wearing and what I’ve been up to this weekend. So excited to do more projects for MBFWA and Fashionweek.nl throughout this year as their ambassador. Hope you’re following me along the way! Big kiss!

xoxo Frederique

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Spijkers & Spijkers fashionweek 2017WHAT   I   WORE:

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My name is Frederique and I run this personal style blog. After graduating from law school in April 2014 – University of Utrecht (The Netherlands), exchange: Uppsala (Sweden) and UC Berkeley (USA) – I built FAB le Frique from scratch and decided to spread my lifelong interest in fashion and lifestyle with the world (wide web). Taking a leap of faith, making a career transition, leaving a known and charted career path is scary. But if the only actual obstacle blocking me from doing what I’m truly passionate about is ‘fear’, I hereby conquer my fears and go forward with my passion.