About yesterday’s pyjama co-ord set

co-ord set ASOS

Although Sundays are usually my lazy day, yesterday afternoon I was all dolled up in this gorgeous pyjama co-ord set I recently got. Did I had a reason in particular? Yes I did. My boyfriend and I were invited by People of the Labyrinths to come over to the premiere of the revival of a classic in the musical scene, the musical Hair. Hair tells the story of a group of long-haired hippies living a bohemian life in The Big Apple and fighting against conscription into the Vietnam War. The original musical opened on Broadway in April 1968 and ran for over 1,500 performances. Since then, numerous productions have been staged around the world, and even today Hair is performed in many countries. Likewise in The Netherlands. My boyfriend and I had a great time at the premiere. This Dutch version of Hair is definitely worth checking out if you’re a Dutchie or you’re coming to Holland this year.

But hej, before leaving the admin panel, I need to explain you guys what I was wearing to the premiere. I came across this co-ord set, also known as twin suit in my English dictionary (a.k.a. non-native brain), about four weeks ago. I remember I thought about getting it for NYFW. For no particular reason I didn’t got it though and it found itself a place in my ‘saved items’ folder. [Which is such a handy-dandy feature of ASOS, but let’s not get off-topic.] So yeah, when I was looking through saved items last week I was like: seriously, I did not get me this co-ord set?! Like, whut? Why Frederique, why? Only just one week later I was proudly wearing it. Co-ords like this one are such a life-saver when you’re running out of inspiration on what to wear. If you always in a hurry like me and never know what to wear [who’s with me?], co-ord sets will save your life! Just throw them on and BAM you’re ready to enjoy your day. What I also like about them is that they’re so versatile to wear. Of course that do depends a little on the all design, cut and fabric of the co-ord, you can easily dress any set up or down by adding different shoes for instance. A sneaker for a more casual vibe and a heel for a classier look. Or go for extra layering, tuck it in, add some bold accessories or just very minimal ones, et cetera. Make it a party, cause you did already save a ton of time by wearing such a cool no-brainer. Tell me, are co-ord sets for you?

Wearing: pyjama co-ord set – ASOS (blazer & pants), loafers – ASOS, bag – Stella McCartney, all jewelry – Swarovski (necklace, bracelet, rings & earrings).

co-ord set ASOS
pyjama co-ord set ASOS

Swarovski blogger

Stella McCartney Nina bag

pyjama co-ord set ASOS

Swarovski flash necklace

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  • Oh I love this, so cute!

  • Looks comfy 😉 I could never pull of a look like this. Love it on you! x Chantal http://www.commedescoco.nl

    • I’m sure you can babe! This suit will look flattering on you too! xxx

  • sophie

    I love it especially because lately I’ve been loving co-ord sets.I should definitely try out the pajama trend.You look great.