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Hi! My name is Frederique Bos, a girl born and raised near Arnhem, in the Netherlands. I’m currently 28 y/o, I’m a ‘mommy’ of the cutest dog named Popcorn and I’m happy living together with my boyfriend in the city centre of cosy Leiden. After graduating from Law School back in April 2014 (Master in civil and commercial law, LL.M.), I was very ill and very depressed. The only thing I felt good about was achieving a goal which I’ve worked so hard for. However, it didn’t made me a happy person and the feeling of working as corporate lawyer without being happy with myself, truly made my outlook on life very miserable. Even though I was very ill at the time and I didn’t want to continue with anything in life really, there was this itsy bitsy positivity inside of me that wanted to recover and wanted to be happy. In the process of recovery I found out that fashion was something I was passionate about from an early age. Even in the most miserable times I was easily cheered up by looking for fashion inspiration and trying out new styles. It just made my soul shine. I decided to face my fears head on and divert from the safety of taking on my law school path to become a social media influencer, a career move that certainly wasn’t easy. But oh well, anno 2016 I’m OH-SO glad I conquered my fears and made that move. Working in fashion is something I’m truly passionate about and something that fits my true personality.

Within the 2,5 years of the existence of FAB le Frique, I’ve built a built a strong website with over 8.500 unique visitors a month that many can easily find interesting. I highlight numerous things on my blog and social media like my outfits and choice of beauty products, as well as my health-conscience plant based lifestyle and my battles of maintaining a positive outlook on life.

– What is the story behind your ‘fab’ blog name?
Well first off, FAB le Frique obviously refers to my name, Frederique. I just took the beginning and end of it and came up with ‘Frique’. Besides that, ‘Frique’ sounds exactly the same as ‘freak’ and thus refers to me being different, being unique. Then ‘FAB’ stands for the French ‘fabriqué’ or the English ‘fabulous’, so it’s: Fabriqué le Frique (made by Frique) or Fabulous le Frique.

– What is the one thing you could go back and tell your teenage self?
I would say: Dear, don’t you worry too much about life, everything will be fine and you’ll be happy with yourself. As a young teenager I was always scared of making mistakes in life, not finding the perfect job, not being able to have a boyfriend, not being the student I wanted myself to be, etc. etc. The only thing I needed back then was a little encouragement that I’ll be just fine and I shouldn’t worry to much in life.

– What your hopes/future plans for FAB le Frique/social media influence/work?
Well, I would say that I’m very happy with how my blog is right now and how I inspire others with my style and personality I guess. I think I’d love to grow even more – I mean, who doesn’t want that as a blogger?! 😉 Bigger collaborations, more getting noticed and known in the fashion world, and all that exciting stuff. Besides that, I really hope I’ll be a happy girl along the way – that’s my top priority really – and I would love to become a mommy some time.

– What trend do you hope stays around forever or makes a comeback?
I love – I should say: L O V E – both the wide trousers-trend as well as the leather look trousers-trend. I hope those trends will be around until forever really. And I’m an advocate of the true comeback of roll-necks, in all colors really.

– What’s the coolest beauty/fashion advice you’ve been given recently?
To try out more natural beauty products. It’s the best brand for my skin honestly and it makes it glow like it never did before. Second, I love to drink apple cider vinegar for my skin and eat a plant based diet, which also benefits the health of my skin and body massively. Also I really like to use mascara on my upper lashes only, which gives me a more natural make-up look and makes my eyes look bigger (and my bags less bigger ;))

– What are some of your current fashion obsessions?
I’m obsessed with black ankle booties. I really have them in every fabric and every height, and I keep on looking for new ones online. I don’t know why, I guess a woman just can’t have enough staple black booties.

– How would you describe your own personal style?
I would say it’s elegant with an edgy twist. I don’t like wearing prints that much, I rather go for a bunch of different fabrics to make my outfit more interesting, such as silk on leather and knitwear teamed with suede. I also really like black and white combo’s, especially in summer. And I would say my style is kind of Danish (although I’m Dutch), with an interesting side and just a twist really on your normal every-day-casual-kinda-wear. However, I do like to dress up like a total princess, but then leave out the glitter and just go for a good basic total princess look with an interesting red lip or so.

– What is one thing that people would be surprised to hear?
That I’m 27 y/o already – most people think I’m younger – and this actually kind of ‘my second life’ I would say. Since I’m educated as a lawyer and I finished law school back in 2013 (Master in Corporate and Civil law). And second, it feels like somebody up there gave me a second chance in life since I’ve been very ill for a long time (eating disorder and depression) and looking back on that, I’m glad that I’m still alive. So yeah, I guess that will surprise quite some people that do judge a book by its cover.

– Any cool places you’re traveling to soon/any destinations you’re hoping to visit?
I will be spending the summer holidays in Scandinavia with my boyfriend hopefully. I’ve been studying there for quite some time when I was younger and I would love to go back and show it all to my boyfriend. Besides that, we’re moving to NYC in 2017 for two years which I’m incredibly excited about. Of course our dog Popcorn will be joining us there in The Big Apple.

– What is your biggest tip for young women hoping to get into the fashion and media industry?
Uh, please be yourself and follow your heart. It’s super cliche, but it’s the best thing to do honestly. If you’re truly passionate about something, you’ll make it. Just follow that passion and do what you’re good at. Learn a lot along the way and you’ll be just fine.

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xoxo Frederique