Review: Sisley Izia Eau de Parfum

Sisley Izia Eau de Parfum

As you might know, I have a weak spot for Sisley Paris. It’s a very luxurious brand with a unique experience and allure. I have a number of Sisley products in my possession and every time I use them, I know why I own them. Today I’m telling you guys more on Sisley’s newest scent, the Izia Eau de Parfum, which I recently received in my mailbox.

At first glance, the perfume looks very beautiful in its pink/peach coral bottle. Together with the box it comes in, there’s no doubt you have a pretty expensive fragrance in your hands. It gives you that instant feeling of luxury when holding it. The shape reminds me a bit of a stone I once picked from the beach in France. I find it a very interesting and uniquely shaped bottle. Unique in particular, when I compare it to the rectangular bottles exclusive perfumes are regularly bottled in.

On my skin, Sisley Izia opens with a fresh, fruity, lemon-flavoured scent. After a few minutes you notice the rose starts blooming and it has more of a musky, woody feel to it. The sweetness of the white musks really gives this rosy fragrance a lovely body in my opinion. It is beautiful, and unusual fragrance.

Overall Rating

Rating: 8,0

Pros: Sisley Izia is a luxurious take on the pinkest roses available at the market. It has an undeniable quality in terms of the composition of the scent, as well as with regard to the design of the bottle. The fruity hint makes this perfume very much wearable for younger women too.

Cons: Sisley Izia is not at all an easy fragrance. It’s a bouquet of much more than roses only. This might make it a scent more suitable for festive events, such as a dinner, a party or a wedding. Besides that, it isn’t an inexpensive perfume. However, it has an impressive longevity and a little goes a long way.

Repurchase? Yes, I will. If you are interested in a modern fresh rose fragrance, but with a bit more defining character, Izia might worth a try.

review: Sisley Izia

review: Sisley Izia

review: Sisley Izia

xoxo Frederique

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