Denim, oh denim

denim winter looks 2017

You might know that I’m an avid online shopper. If you didn’t, now you know. I confessed. I mean, gosh, it’s just so easy to click something home. It saves you the hassle of shopping in the rain, saves thus time, saves money, it could potentially save money I should say, and most shops have this great thing of dragging your favorite items in a saved items folder. The latter is perfect for someone like me, who sometimes really needs a good night of sleep before really knowing whether I should buy something or not. Do you have that too? Anyway, I wanted to share to new outfits on the blog today, which both are denim looks. I’m really curious which of the looks you like most. And don’t be biased by the presence of Popcorn in the second look, okay? #lol

let me know!

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xoxo Frederique
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