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Bathing suit


Thinking back of Italy. My time in Italy seems to be so long ago. Actually it is, I mean, a month has passed already. A month. That’s like over 30 days. I miss Italy. Need to be back soon. Anyway, right after I returned home – which is about a month ago #lol…

golden coin necklace

New neck candy


Look at what came in last week! As summer is in full swing and we’re showing more skin than any other season, I like to get my hands on new jewelry. When choosing new items, I’m always opting for pieces that I can wear in various situations. Pieces that might look minimal to some,…

new lingerie

New lingerie


Elegance & edge. Earlier this week (was it yesterday?) I’ve shared an image of my new lingerie by Gisele Bundchen Intimates from A/D Brazilian Lingerie. What a stunning piece of lingerie it is! The Python collection where both bra and undies are from, comes in two variations: a Python print in shades…


Minimalistic faves


Let me present to you.. My new favorite pieces of jewelry. To those of you who have been following me for a while now, it might be quite clear that I have a crush on minimalistic jewelry, especially gold jewelry. Like simple yet high-quality gold watches, a tiny earring here…

summer essentials on sale

Summer Essentials Sale


It’s coming closer every day: La bella Italia! As some of you already know – i.e. Snapchatters – I’m about to spend a few weeks in Italy (Tuscany), hell yeah! Still have about a week to get all my summer essentials here, so I’ve planned to do a little shopping this evening….

gladiator sandals

That jacket


Well hello again! Remember I customized my own parka the other week? Here’s the finished product incorporated in an outfit for you guys. This parka is the ultimate festival parka plus a great conversation starter I would say. I’m teaming it with a pair of sandals from PEPE which I love…

unbegun amsterdam

Mr. Big / Mr. Bag


A little misunderstanding in high school.  Have you ever watched the documentary ‘Supersize Me‘ by Morgan Spurlock? It’s one of those documentaries I remember watching during my second year of high school. I had the most amazing English teacher back then. We were allowed to watch British and American television ‘for educative purposes ‘ most classes, which I enjoyed…

Lagoon beach wear

Swimwear and more


Are you ready to rock the beach? Are you? For a feature on Cirqle I was asked to talk swimwear and picked some of my favorite pieces, from bright colored bikinis to retro bathing suits and everything in between. As you might expect, I like to keep it simple – less is more! –…

oversized floppy straw hat

Summer hats


One of my latest buys got me thinking.. .. yes, it got me thinking.. Of what? Of making an inspiration post for you guys about summer hats. Yes people, summer is getting closer every day. To me, a great straw hat is the ultimate summer accessory. It really pulls together any look….


My baby, Mila


Meet Mila. OK, I’m not pregnant you guys. The title was just a little teaser! 😉 I’m currently working on a new post which will incorporate this white cutie – you might have seen her on my Snapchat already (username: fablefrique). But yeah, if you follow me anywhere anyway because you like my style,…


Neutral nuances


MONDAY!  Oh well, it’s Monday again. I hope this new week will treat you well. With today’s look I’d like to give a special mention to Marie-Sixtine. Marie-Sixtine is a Paris-based brand that is cheeky, bubbly and known for its trending knitwear. Their idea is to transpose knitting expertise to the world of…


Suede biker jacket


My love for luxe fabrics has reached new levels. G’day folks! My love for luxe fabrics has reached new levels this spring and this suede biker jacket is ticking all my boxes. In sophisticated salmon pink and super soft material, I’ve been loving this piece ever since I got my hands on it. It…


OMM #9: Bandanas


Bandanas. Today I’m talking on a trend I’ve been seeing around quite a bit now: the bandana. ‘YEAH! The shit is bandanas! B A N D A N A S!’. I’ve been a diehard bandana fan ever since I was little. I’ve literally worn tones of them to a thread. In many different…


New in: Triwa watch


A very special watch from a Stockholm-based label came in last week.  Founded in 2007, TRIWA is a young and independent watch and accessory brand dedicated to transforming the perception of the status symbol into a symbol of style. All TRIWA watches and accessories are born in Stockholm, where the city’s stark…


Varsity sweater


Oversized elegance. I don’t know how about you guys, but I think I’ve kinda missed out on the V-neck sweater trend that was going strong for SS 2014. However, the plunge on the V-neck is still a big wardrobe staple so you still have all the good reasons to invest in one….


OMM #7: Coats again..


The story continues.. Hope you all have had a wonderful weekend! Meanwhile, the story of finding myself the perfect spring coat continues. Finding a decent one within my budget is quite a challenge, since I have this great capability to pick the most expensive items wherever I look. These three below…


OMM #6: Square toes


Tasteless or tasteful? Ahh, I love the square toes on these glossy ankle boots. They would be perfect with an A-line skirt (preferably white denim), a striped cropped shirt and a white duffle bag on the side. What do you think about square-toe shoes? They have came around in the late eighties and…




Oh, that day again! Yes, it’s that day again. Monday. Just a casual outfit for today, updated with a pair of badass glasses and the pair of zebra kicks you’ve already met on the blog. So I’d rather call it Megamok Monday 😉 Oh, and I did something else with my hair…




ZEBRA. A pop of zebra is coming up, featuring these MAG Megamoks. Stay tuned! Happy Sunday!


OMM #4: 3 things


Weekend. It’s Saturday and I thought it was the perfect time to bump the ‘On my mind’ series back up, since I felt like sharing 3 things with you this weekend. Except of the weekend itself of course 😉 First off is Pharrell’s huge Adidas Originals Supercolor Superstar Collection. Have you heard of it? The collection showcases the…


New in: Zebra MAG Megamoks


These are new, my friends. Like, seriously brand new in the collection of MAG Footwear and super fresh in my shoe collection: the Megamok 4001GXL in a special zebra print edition. I’m in love! Are you familiar with MAG footwear yet? Trust me, from personal experience I know that MAG shoes guarantee you great…


All eyes on me


Tell me what you see. As you might have read earlier on my blog,  I’ve always had a love-hate relationship with glasses. As I told you, it’s absolutely awesome that they help me recognize people in public. Without my clear vision everyone basically looks like a faceless blob and I do want to avoid…


Coming up..


Take a peek. Yay! The sun is out again. In the meantime, I’m showing you guys a quick preview of what I have in store later today… x